A fan-made Duck Hunt demake for Game Boy made with GB Studio

The project is available on Github for anyone who wants to check, modify and use on their own projects.


  • Use the control pad to move the cursor and A to shoot.
  • Ducks will appear on screen one at a time.
  • The duck flies around the screen for a few seconds. This is your chance. Aim and shoot! But remember, you only have three shots.
  • The duck indicator at the bottom-right of the screen is your hit indicator. The counter will increase with each hit. 
  • A MISS occurs when all three shots are unsuccessfully used up, or when time has run out. When this happens the duck flies away. The number of misses remaining appears at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Each round ends after 10 ducks have flown out of the thicket. 
  • The ducks fly faster, and the time to fly away reduces as you advance to later rounds.

Thanks krümel for the help with the music!

If you are enjoying the game please consider making a donation to an animal rights charity. Non-virtual ducks and dogs will be thankful!

Duck Hunt and all related content is ©1985 Nintendo Co., Ltd. This is a non-profit fan-made game made as a learning and teaching exercise not associated with Nintendo on any way.

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Published 27 days ago
Made withGB Studio
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